Renewals and New Beginings

Profile PictureWhat I am about to share with you may be a bit shocking yet, I hope a refreshing perspective. On this website, and in dealing with me, you will NOT find:

  • Glaring Opt-in boxes that force you to provide your contact information in order to access the content I am placing here to share with you. I do not believe in treating certain people better than others, nor in forcing anyone to “be in the club”. Those of you who have found your way here, and have chosen to stay, are here because you need and want the help and solutions I am able to provide for you as a business owner or committed professional. The content I provide is available for anyone who will benefit from it. My mailing list is available for those of you who are serious about what I have to offer you and want to receive news and updates as soon as possible. 
  • Fluff or endless hype. I do not believe in wasting other people’s time, therefore I tell it like it is, treat you like the adult you are, and show you ways to take your customer and employee experiences to higher, better levels.
  • ANYTHING that will waste your time or money. I believe in providing value in every aspect of my business. Any products and services I provide or recommend to you I have used, tested, and found to be of tremendous value in my own life and business. I would not put my name behind it otherwise.

What you WILL find on this website and in working with me is:

  • Honesty, Integrity, and the insight of my thirty-plus years of experience and intensive training in the field of Customer Service, combined with my innate ability to quickly get to the heart of why people act and react the way they do. This allows me to uncover the real problem and get right to the most effective solution (be it an individual interaction with a client or employee, with team building, change management, overhauling a global corporation’s service level, or anything in between).
  • Hope, inspiration, and the solutions  you seek to improve the quality of the relationships you have with your employees and clients dramatically. REMEMBER: The way you treat your employees is the way they treat your clients.
  • Custom solutions for your business or team using the Customer Service philosophy I developed early in my career and have used with immense success for the majority of my thirty years in the field. Just as in my own business, I do not want to be made to fit into a box, so too do I refuse to force my clients into one. Like fingerprints, no two businesses or teams are alike. Therefore I put considerable effort into discovering each client’s unique character in order to determine each client’s particular hallmark and custom tailored solution.

Welcome aboard! May our journey together be ever- forward to a better business.

Sincerely, Yours in Service,

Cathleen E. Rossiter, PCS

Business Relationship Consultant

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