The Rossiter Report – Volume 1; Number 16 – “Review and Realignment”


By Cathleen E. Rossiter, PCS

“Review and Realignment”

If tired of trees I seek again mankind,

Well I know where to hie me – in the dawn,

To a slope where the cattle keep the lawn.

There amid lolling juniper reclined,

Myself unseen, I see in white defined

 Far off homes of men, and farther still,

The graves of men on an opposing hill,

Living or dead, whichever are to mind.

And if by noon I have too much of these,

I have but to turn on my arm, and lo,

The sun-burned hillside sets my face aglow,

My breathing shakes the bluet like a breeze,

I smell the earth, I smell the bruised plant,

I look into the crater of the ant.

Robert Frost, The Vantage Point

As another year turns its final pages, leaving much to ponder, and a new one lies before us, unopened and full of promise, I take this time each year in my business to stop. As the venerable Mr. Frost turns on his arm to gain a different perspective in his survey of the land he calls his home, so do I take December and January to do likewise in my business. Therefore, you will not be hearing from me until February (unless there is some juicy tidbit I simply must share with you in the meantime). Please consider visiting my website and conducting your own review of the time we have spent together. May you find further treasures in your return journey.

Until we meet again in February, may your holiday season be filled with the consciousness of all there is to be grateful for, compassion of those in need, and finally the communion and communication with all those who have made your life what it is today.

As Always,

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