Motivational Monday – Volume 2; Number 1

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Motivational Monday

It is wonderful to be back in touch as we are steadily moving through the new year. On that note I am making my first official post of 2013 also the first post to the returning Motivational Monday. The goal of Motivational Monday is to give us all a jolt of inspiration to motivate us through the upcoming week and upon which to focus in our relationships with our colleagues and clients.

This week, let’s think about this:

“The future is made of the same stuff as the present” – Simone Weil – 


What is it in your present that you would like to improve upon or change in order to have the future you want?

  • Start by looking at one area, your relationship with your colleagues or clients, for instance, and think about what your future in that area would look like if you continued on as is.
  • Now envision what your future would look like if you made a change or two.
  • Finally, develop a plan for how you are going to make the change/s happen in order to achieve your new dream of the future.

May your journey on the path to a brighter future be more that you ever imagined.

Bon Voyage!

All my best,

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