Thank You Thursday – V2:N2 – Challenges

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Welcome to this week’s issue of “Thank You Thursday”. I hope this issue finds that you are well. Today, think about all the challenges you have faced this past week, be it a difficult client, a project that was delayed or derailed, or a week where nothing really seemed to fall into place as easily as it should have. As you review these situations, think about the good things that happened because of, or in spite of, the challenge you were faced with.

Take the time to develop gratitude around the positive events that resulted from the negative events. For example; I recently had difficulty in sending a simple e-mail to a client. The result was that I was forced to look at the e-mail more closely which revealed an error that I was able to correct before the client had seen it. Therefore, an apparent problem actually was a protection for which I am grateful.

Once you begin on the path of gratitude for challenges, you will find that you will no longer see challenges, only opportunities for betterment.

Until the next time, I send you all my best wishes.

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