About Cathleen

Profile Picture - filteredCathleen Rossiter, creator of the Loyalty Advantage Nexus (TM) and author of the forthcoming book The Loyalty Advantage Nexus: 9 Simple Keys to Unlocking the Hidden Value In Your Client Base (and Employees), is a Corporate Relationship Consultant with thirty years experience and extensive training in developing superlative relationships with her clients. Cathleen’s specialty and passion is working with difficult or upset clients to turn them into thoroughly satisfied, loyal clients.

This passion extends to applying the foundations of Client Relations Principles to the corporate world and its philosophy of employee treatment.  As Cathleen notes,

“What is often misunderstood and, ultimately overlooked, is that the way you treat your employees is the way you treat your clients. Discontented, maltreated, and disrespected employees create discontented, maltreated, and disrespected clients.”

With Cathleen’s guidance, Business Owners are able to transform their company morale – creating passionate, dedicated employees trained thoroughly in developing superlative client relationships. The result of this transformation in culture and mind-set is a more stable, vibrant Bottom Line.

Cathleen brings her expertise to the fields of banking, publishing, education, retail, and life insurance. Her experiences volunteering in the areas of therapeutic equitation, figure skating, and as an instructor of English to refugee children and adults has honed Cathleen’s gift of quickly getting to a person’s individual learning style in order to help each student extract the most learning from their time together, regardless of class size. Contact Cathleen today.

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