Detours and Dominoes – Why I Do What I Do


Many years ago, I was in the position of being thoroughly dissatisfied with my job. The call center where I had been working (oh, so happily) and thriving in, was to be closed down as a result of a buy-out. Each of us on the team (there were over one hundred of us) was re-assigned within the company. I went from being an élite member of a prestigious team who was recognized for my skills, gifts, and where I could lead the department, to what I refer to as the equivalent of a trained chimpanzee stuffed into a windowless, isolated cubicle never to be heard from again.

The people within the company that I now dealt with in the course of the day were as far from “helpful” as East is from West. Finally, one day on the train into the office, I was replaying a particularly contentious exchange from the previous day. In doing so, I came to the understanding that, perhaps my colleague was the way she was because of some unseen personal or professional situation (most likely, one similar to my own).  It was unfair of me to ask of her what I was not willing to do. I had not been willing to see any point of view other than my own. I was also allowing the misery I felt about my own circumstances to dictate how I treated those around me which had a profound effect on the treatment I received. Thus, the Three Cs of Superior Service ™(and ultimately The Loyalty Advantage Nexus ™) were born, becoming the essence of my client relations philosophy from that moment on.

This revelation also brought to life for me the understanding of the term Internal Customer. How could I expect to provide my clients with any respect or professionalism if I refused to extend that same courtesy to the people who were helping me do my job? Therefore, I needed to understand that every person I come in contact with is my client at that moment.

Subsequent moves to other companies and other positions proved to be a journey alongside Signore Alighieri through each of the nine circles of Hell. These positions, however agonizing they were to endure, provided an insight into the critical connection between how employees are treated and the level of service that is provided to the company’s clients. In a world where the term Corporate Culture is bandied about in the manner of those who want to appear as though they are busy moving towards improvement, most companies miss the point and the importance of what Corporate Culture is all about.

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, the term Culture is defined in many ways (which I encourage you to explore). All of these definitions have a common thread – shared values and manners of behavior (toward those within the group as well as those on the outside) that are developed within the group as well as being honed and passed along via continual education.

An important aspect of Corporate Culture that is missed is the aspect of cultivation as noted in the sixth of the above-referenced definitions of Culture as follows:

6:  the act or process of cultivating living material (as bacteria or viruses) in prepared nutrient media; also :  a product of such cultivation

My experience has proven, time and again, that this fermenting, cultivating nature of Corporate Culture is critical to pay attention to. The lack of attention paid to this detail by the sundry executive teams under whom I worked is what created the varying degrees of Corporate Hell into which I traveled with each successive position I accepted. On the outside, each new position appeared to be the job I had been dreaming of; the job that would finally allow me to show how valuable I was and how I could turn things around. Within one month on the job, the true corporate personality would invariably reveal itself as one of duplicity and paranoia revolving around who would be on the proverbial chopping block next. Every employee’s primary focus was on blaming everyone else and protecting his or her respective derrière. Naturally, this atmosphere bred further paranoia and duplicity, cultivating its own living bacteria (or virus) in the media prepared by the ever-changing occupants of the Executive Suite.

My experiences in the corporate world have been the catalyst for uncovering my passion and my mission. My passion and my mission is to show business owners how to apply the principles of Client Relations to their employees, thereby creating the type of culture that breeds loyalty, both in your employees and in your clients, because the way you treat your employees is the way you treat your clients. Disrespected, disengaged, and maltreated employees create disrespected, disengaged and maltreated clients.

In today’s fast-paced, noisy world people are of the impression that there is no time to slow down to fix what is broken because they believe that the statement, “You snooze, you lose” applies to everything relating to building a successful business. When it comes to building the foundation upon which your business will stand, any reputable construction professional will tell you that you have to take care in pouring the foundation and allow the proper time for it to cure in order for the foundation to be structurally sound and be able to support the structure well into the future.

A company’s Corporate Culture is the foundation upon which everything else is built. Every business has a culture whether or not it has set out to create one officially. Is yours solid, or rather does yours appear to be sturdy yet is actually riddled with cracks and water damage? You will never know unless you have the courage to face the truth, to have someone who knows what signs to look for inspect your foundation to reveal for you the places of hidden damage, then, smoothly guide you through the process of restoration and reconstruction.

Contact me today at 1-978-494-4712 or to schedule your complimentary 60-minute Breakthrough Consultation (a $500 value) where we will walk through your most pressing Client Relations issue and get you started on a path to correcting it.

Please note: this is so much more than a Discovery Session where we determine if we are a good fit as a team to set about transforming your business from the top down and the bottom up. I firmly believe in giving of myself, sharing my talents, and respecting your valuable time. Therefore when, by calling me, you make the decision to take back the business you believed in enough to create, and have the passion for that drives you to keep going, I have made the commitment to you to give you, at the very least, a tangible starting point to solving your chosen problem during our breakthrough session.

During our time together, you will also come away with an understanding of:

  1. the important role client relationships play in your success and the success of your business,
  2. how to recognize when harmful attitudes regarding your corporate relationships have crept into your thinking and what to do to change them,
  3. how to assess the current level of service you are providing and how three simple changes in thinking can dramatically raise your level of service.

My goal is to instill in you the motivation and enthusiasm for continually finding ways to raise the level of service you provide to your clients by providing you with the basic tools you need to recognize the warning signs of poor service, identify what the problem is, and work through the problem to the solution with grace and dignity.

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Contact me today at 1-978-494-4712 or to schedule your complimentary 60-minute Breakthrough Consultation and start on the journey to building the solid business you envisioned when you first opened your doors. I truly look forward to working with you. Have a wonderful day.

Your feedback is most welcome.

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